Kebony Decking

Sourced from FSC®-Certified forests, Kebony® Clear decking is engineered to handle the harshest of conditions. The rich brown color and clear grain are designed to impress, while hardwood-like durability and a 30-year rot & decay warranty provide supreme peace of mind. Whether you maintain the original color or let Kebony Clear naturally patina, your project will amaze for decades to come.

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Kebony Deck Board

The Only 4-in-1 Wood Decking Profile

Kebony Deck Board can be fastened in four different ways, making it one of the most versatile wood decking profiles on the market. Whether you want to fasten through the face of the board, plug, use hidden fasteners or the patented Step-Clip™ for Kebony system, the Kebony Deck Board is ready to go.

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Available Profiles

Spec Sheet

Fastener Options


Step-Clip™ for Kebony uses easy to install strips to minimize the time and labor spent fastening your deck. The Step-Clip reduces deck surface installation time by up to 50% and ensures proper spacing, protects the joist from water damage, and makes it easy to replace a board in the future if necessary.

Fastenator™ Hidden Fasteners

Hidden fastener clips are a great way to secure your deck without screwing into the board’s face. The Kebony Deck Board is compatible with the Fastenator™ Hidden Fastening system by DuraLife®.

Pro Plug® System for Kebony

The Pro Plug® System with Kebony wood plugs is the best option if you prefer the positive lateral connection of fastening through the face and still want a smooth, uniform surface. The Pro Plug® System by Starborn® is the one of fastest plug options on the market, and Kebony wood plugs are designed to work seamlessly with the system.

Face Fastened

When securing your surface decking using traditional methods, you can use stainless steel screws through the face of the Kebony Deck Board. We recommend placing the screws 1” from the edge of the board.

Boardwalk Decking

Kebony Clear is perfect for high traffic areas like boardwalks and docks. With larger available dimensions and enhanced stability, choosing Kebony will ensure your project will withstand heavy use for decades; maintaining strength and beauty as it patinas to a silver-gray over time.

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Available Profiles

Spec Sheet

Kebony Cladding

Kebony clear cladding is a perfect fit for residential and commercial siding applications.  The uniform color will naturally patina over time like Brazilian Hardwoods, but without the instability and inconsistent color or grain.  Kebony cladding also comes with a 30 year warranty against rot, ensuring the beauty of your best project for decades to come.

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Click-in Cladding™

Click-in Cladding™ is a new rainscreen system that uses a special cladding profile, specifically designed for the Grad™ Mini Rail system, which locks the Kebony Cladding Board into place quickly and easily.

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Available Profile

Spec Sheet

Grad™ Mini Rail

Grad™ Mini Rail clips are factory-placed in position, so the installer simply fastens the rails onto the sheathing or vapor barrier and snaps the boards on. The rails create a natural air gap so there’s no need to install furring strips ahead of time.

Based on the desired aesthetic, Mini Rails come in two different gap sizes and can be installed vertically or horizontally.

Mini Rail Options

Passive Rainscreen System

The Passive Rainscreen System (PRS) goes beyond a traditional rainscreen to deliver maximum performance and aesthetics. The Passive Rainscreen System replaces common wood furring strips to create passive air flow between the cladding and sheathing. Its unique cladding profile creates a gap while providing increased protection from the elements, leading to a longer-lasting project, all while hiding the fastener from view.

Available Profiles & Clips

1x6 Kebony can be milled to any of the following profiles needed

Kebony Case Studies