Custom Millwork

Dressed two sides, dressed four sides, resawing, ripping, precise cuts, and even custom molds are among the services we provide. Even the challenging profiles are carved consistently and accurately by our knife molder. For millwork for your unique project, contact our team. Singh Hardwood has a large selection of wood moldings.

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Lumber Milled

We can mill S4S, S2S, R1E, or R2E as per your specifications.

Custom Flooring

We can mill any size up to 12 inches wide of any species of your choice.


We can mill from 1/2″ rounds to 3-1/2″ rounds.


We can mill custom handrails from over 80 species you can choose from.

Custom Millwork

With over 5,000 custom profiles to choose from our stock, we can mill any profile up to 12 inches wide.

The Singh Hardwood Products Promise

Singh Hardwood has been a reliable lumber supplier in North America for many years. We are dedicated to providing an exceptional customer experience, with on time shipping, the most affordable rates, and the highest quality. We have unique arrangements with suppliers all around the world, ensuring that your project is built using legally sourced wood and sustainable material.

Sustainable Lumber For Your Next Project

Sustainable wood comes from well-managed forests. It’s renewable because forest stewards manage the environment to avoid harming ecosystems, watersheds, wildlife, and the trees themselves, focusing on the long term, rather than short term.

Singh Hardwood provides employment that benefits the environment through sustainable forestry and lumber production. We believe that this is critical because we believe that lumber is a valuable renewable resource and that trees and forests require good cae. Important and crucial ecosystems would be unable to persist without sustainable forestry, and the lumber sector would eventually suffer as a result.