African Iroko

African Iroko

Given the high cost of real Teak, Iroko might be viewed as a cost-effective substitute. The wood is solid, long-lasting, and has an appearance that is similar to Teak.

This wood is commonly used for veneer, flooring, furniture, cabinets, boatbuilding, turned goods, and other tiny specialty wood products.

Iroko is an imported hardwood that sells for a reasonable price. A veneer is also available for purchase and is reasonably priced.

The hue of heartwood is generally yellow to golden to medium brown, and it darkens over time. The sapwood is distinguishable from the heartwood by its pale yellow colour.

Janka Hardness:

1,260 lbf

Average Dried Weight:

41 lbs/ft3 (660 kg/m3)


Except for its interlocked grain, which may cause some tear-out during surface operations, this material is generally straightforward to work. Also present are calcium carbonate deposits, which can cause cutters to become significantly dulled. Iroko is a good gluer and finisher.