Cumaru heartwood tends to be a medium to dark brown color, sometimes with a reddish or purplish hue, and some pieces may have streaks of yellowish or greenish brown. The grain is interlocked, with a medium texture and a waxy feel.

Janka Hardness:

3,330 lbf 

Average Dried Weight:

68 lbs/ft3 (1,085 kg/m3)


Cumaru tends to be difficult to work on because of its density and interlocked grain. If the grain is not too interlocked, Cumaru can be surface-planed to a smooth finish. However, the wood contains silica and will have a moderate blunting effect on tool cutters. Due to its high oil content and density, Cumaru can present difficulties in gluing, and pre-boring is necessary when screwing or nailing the wood.