Poplar, commonly known as Tulip Poplar or Yellow Poplar, is pale cream to yellow-brown heartwood with occasional grey/green streaks (scientific name: Liriodendron tulipifera). Sapwood is a pale yellow to white colour that blends in with the heartwood. It has a medium texture, a low gloss, and a straight and regular grain.

For moulding programmes, fixtures, organs, caskets, furniture, panelling, billiard tables, musical instruments, and trim, Singh Hardwoods customers want stable, low defect Poplar Domestic Hardwood Lumber in good lengths and widths.
Poplar hardwood has a mild olive-yellow brown heartwood with greenish tones and a paler off-white or grey sapwood. TBM Poplar lumber has a fine, consistent texture and a somewhat straight grain. We have various pre-sorted width and length options available to assist customers to reduce waste and increasing yields.

Poplar can be found in abundance in the eastern United States. It’s classified moderately to not-so-durable, and it’s susceptible to pest assault.

Janka Hardness:

540 lbf

Average Dried Weight:

455 kg/m3 (29 lbs/ft3)


Good results may be accomplished with either hand or machine tools, and it’s rather straightforward to deal with in practically every way. When sanding and shaping, softness might result in a fuzzy surface and edges. Use a finer grit of sandpaper to achieve a smooth surface.